Equipment for mass actions organization and projection of advertising: tents, domes, mini-cinema, a mobile planetarium

We welcome you on new "Adventure" website completely devoted to the projection equipment and an inflatable projection structures - spheres and domes!

Our company creates and manufactures inflatable structures over 15 years. At present, our business has a lot of directions:

  • Inflatable structures
  • Mobile screens
  • pneumatic figures for advertising,
  • Inflatable structures for the design of urban festivals and sporting events,
  • Dynamic figures,
  • Pnevmocostumes etc

Know more about with our products you can on our website: www.aerocreativ.ru A few years ago we opened a new production direction - "inflatable mobile planetariums" and "Giant projection spheres". As this business includes many very specific questions, for a full presentation of these products, we felt it necessary to create a special website devoted entirely to those subjects.

The main and most importantly, what unites and distinguishes these products from all products of our production - is a possibility of projection. Digital mobile planetariums, Media-Balls or Multi-Sphere - all domes, inflatable structures, designed for panoramic projection image on cover.

Projection equipment

We present series of inflatable structures intended to getting light projection on the shells, laser and multimedia show and illuminated signs:





Description: Huge inflatable spheres for forward and backward panoramic projection can create an amazing spectacle or show. Multimedia projectors located within fill the entire dome at 360° dynamic color image, creating an unforgettable, fantastic impression.

Applications: such projection screens has no restriction to use: they can be used to create spectacular shows, implementation of the most unconventional decisions. Projection Advertising - one of the most effective (in terms of price / coverage of the audience).

Our company is not limited of creation large screens for entertainment shows. For the organization of a film in the open air, and relatively inexpensive demonstration of the projection advertising, we also offer a great cinema screens: Adventure cinema screens are always a success for all events!

Description: Set various gateway entrances for easy access inside, turns the "Media-ball" in an unusual multi-tent for advertising or corporate events.

Functionality: The original simple system of installing a second internal projection dome with opaque coating (can be used as a tent or mobile planetarium theater). Such a mobile cinema can accommodate a large number of visitors. You can use the external surface of the Multi-Sphere as an advertising medium projection.

In addition, large tents Multi-Spheres can be used for mass actions and a spectacular event-projects. A spherical outer surface is ideally suited for showing advertising.

Mobile planetariums

Мобильный планетарийШкольный планетарийСумка для мобильных планетариев

Usually, under this name we mean a small inflatable dome (school planetarium, a mini-planetarium), which could be easily carried in a bag by one person. Installing dome takes just a few minutes, but a simple solution allows the projector to demonstrate one panoramic image across the inner membrane at 360°.

Inflatable tents: the production and sale of tents

In addition to designing and manufacturing mobile planetariums, "Adventure" is engaged to production of tents in a wide variety of types and designs, giving customers plenty of domes for selection or modification or chance to order the tent with necessary parameters. The client may apply for the creation individual models of the tent for a particular purpose and conditions of use. Sale of tents, inflatable constructions, as well as tent tents.

Choose a tent that you can buy in our company, information on our web site will help you.

Our specialists carry out the production of tents the following types:

Inflatable tents

Air-supported tents

Шатры пневмокаркасныые
Шатры воздухоопорные


Lightweight and compact when folded up tents and dome, were designed as cobstructions from an inflatable supports a substantial diameter and sewed awnings.

Constant flowing of air inside the inflatable frame provides strength and rigidity of the inflatable structure.

The most lightweight and compact when folded mobile design inflatable tents, set by filling the air of the internal volume of the tent. Typically, this technology used for the big tents and mobile shelters, as well as all kinds of small and large projection domes.

Inflatable Mega tents - a perfect solution for organizing parties and events. Inflatable tents successfully replace their frame counterparts, and time for site preparation and installation of them is less a lot. Large inflatable tent mobile and does not require large expenditures for transportation. Adventure Company has extensive experience in the manufacture of inflatable structures and tents, characterized by high reliability.

Canopy tents

Тентовые шатры

Custom canopies and tents for weather protection or design activities, universal awning tents for every occasion of life.

Many years of experience in manufacturing of inflatable structures and the strong engineering and design facilities allow us to do the most complex orders, ensuring product quality and minimum turnaround time. You can order the projection dome of any size, structure and design.

Our experienced managers will advise you on any issues and share their new original ideas and solutions!