Non-standard domes

Mobile planetariums

In this section we introduce to you examples of mobile (portable) planetariums with special constructions. Mostly those models are intended to operate in open space or for universal use. Here are the main technological features of the mobile planetariums, designed for outdoor installation:

  1. Obligatory gateway entrance / exit and escape routes
    Gateway systems may vary in design and quantity in different models.
  2. Simultaneous operation of multiple fans and the availability of standby generators
    Depending on the size and operating conditions, inflatable domes can be supplied with different amounts of blowers and the backup air supply system. Reserve system of mobile planetarium can also differ by existing automation, additional generator or additional blowers.
    Main blower for the air supply can be additionally equipped with speed variator, which allows rapid the blow of air to a minimum.
  3. Necessity of  mounting on the ground
    Wind loads arising during the operation of domes in the street, dictate the necessity to fixing them on the ground.
    The main methods of fixing:
    The principal differences between fixing circuits associated with mobile or stationary operation of our digital planetarium (cinema).

If we talk about fixed installation so it is clear. You can use any standard method of installation: the capital foundation with anchors or external weights. For the mobile planetarium, we offer original removable "foundation." This method of connecting was first developed by our company specifically for the seven-meter model of a portable planetarium and well-proved itself.

This method does not require direct connection to the ground and allows without "anchors" to establish and operate an inflatable dome on any surface and with any wind loads, up to a storm warning. This is especially actual in urban areas where usually is not allowed to use anchor and other type of fixing.

Examples of special models of domes.

  1. Model of mobile outdoor planetarium, diameter 7,0 m

    The first planetarium (mobile cinema) produced by our company was installed in summer 2009. in Moscow at the Russian Exhibition Centre and has already become a surprisingly popular new cultural and entertainment point.
    More information about the children's inflatable planetarium that runs on VVC>>>
    Most important features of this model:
    Entrance to digital inflatable planetarium was organized as a vestibule with two folding doors, which are a simple gateway system.
    Inflatable dome does not require connection to the ground, due quick-makening bottom part of a wall - "the foundation".
    Inside the dome of the planetarium you can quickly install (for 5 minutes) another inside dome of a different color.
    On the shell is an additional reserve way out of the mobile planetarium.
    On the shell were provided windows with a tight shutters. After all visitors enter inside, the shutter closes with quick zipper.


  2. Special model school planetarium
    The size of the dome: the diameter is 5.5 m, height 4.0 m. This mini-planetarium was produced for indoors using mainly, but can also be used in open conditions.

    The perimeter of the base (bottom inflatable foundation) equipped with bindings that allow you to fix dome to the ground.
    View the inflatable airlock from the outside and inside.

  3. Inflatable universal planetarium dome (Multi-Sphere)

    The diameter of the dome is 6.0 m.
    This model has two-layered dome. Internal – opaque, black outsid, bright inside – allows to use  inflatable structure as a classic planetarium or theater.
    External dome – white – allow the projection. That’s the way the inflatable structure is transformed into a bright, luminous ball which can be used for the original design for festival, promotional or other events. For more information about this class of inflatable structures, see "Multi-Sphere"
    Input constructions - enclosures and doors are made fully inflatable, without a rigid frames, which makes the model compact, easy to transport and easy to install.
  4. Inflatable specially designed dome "Kettle"

    Production technology of inflatable structures provides a unique opportunity to create not only  classical round domes, but also any original form.
    The first, already implemented idea became an inflatable dome "Kettle" for our regular customers - a tea company Orimi Trade.
  5. Inflatable planetarium dome for outdoor use
    This dome is a structure based on the classic "Multi-Sphere" dome.

    Надувной купол планетария Надувной купол планетария  Надувной купол планетария 

  6. The mobile planetarium for outdoor use
    The dome has a two-layer shell. Silver outer shell allow to minimize the degree of heating of the shell by the sun on hot summer days.

    Планетарий передвижной Планетарий передвижной Планетарий передвижной

  7. School planetarium NEW2 diameter 6.0 m with color painting of the outer shell (operating room).

    Надувной двухслойный планетарий Школьный надувной планетарий

    Школьный планетарий Школьный надувной планетарий Школьный надувной планетарий Школьный надувной планетарий