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In this section, we present a few of our developments in such direction as the production of tents. All providing construction by ADVENTURE can be used to quickly organize mobile shelter with original design and some of them can be also used as projection screen.
Tent for sale by Adventure

Production and selling inflatable tents are the most important directions of our business. We have huge assortment of mobile slelters. Adventure Ltd. is a manufacturer and creator of those constructions and most part of them are based on individual projects. Also we have a standard models.

All of our models can be separated for three types with different purpose, construction and design.

Types of inflatable tents

Inflatable air and panel construction

Pneumo- and frame tents and marquees hold their shape due to a frame of inflatable tubes (there is no hard metal elements). Those tent can be prepared after 5 minutes, they are compact and convenient for transplantation and storage. Moreover those tents can be produced in every form.

Пневмокаркасные шатрыНадувные шатрыНадувные конструкции: большие шатры

Inflatable tents

Mobile shelter "Mega Tent"
Tents "Multi-Sphere"

Multidome tents "Multi-Pavilion"

Inflatable tents do not have ane frame and keep their form with by establishing a small overpressure. Those constructions are very light, can be install quickly and have unique design.

Большие шатры - Мульти Павильоны Мега-Шатры: изготовление шатров Эдвенче Мега-Шатры: изготовление шатров Эдвенче продажа шатров: надувная сфера
Tents and cable-stayed tents

Cable-stayed tents allow you to create shelters without restriction overview on all four sides. Usually based in one or few cables those tents can have a huge areas of overlap.

шатры мобильные купитьбольшие шатры, тентовые шатрыпроизводство шатров

Tents production

Tents and panel constructions are attribute of many major event-projects. You can see them in open-air events, shows, celebrations or private parties and weddings where organizers want to protect guests from the surprises of nature, create a comfortable environment for participants. Modern tents and constructions are manufactured by different technologies, they have different shapes, constructions. For all of them several characteristics required:

  1. Fast assembling
  2. Mobile
  3. Compact
  4. With a possibility of overlapping large areas without any special equipment and techniques.

Multi-sphere tents  also have a unique appearance, creating an amazing, unusual, mysterious, majestic atmosphere of the event, which is very important bearing in mind that very often the big tents are becoming the center of the composition and allow to make creative design of event.
Tents for sale from Adventure. Light, compact, quickly made tents you can buy on our website.