Digital planetarium: 'Adventure' mobile planetariums

The "Adventure" company offers to know more about wide range of unique designs for types o of mobile planetarium inflatable. We manufacture wide range of portable planetariums models, types, structures for different purposes of use - every inflatable planetarium has its own features, characteristics and types of construction, so all our clients will be able to choose the best low-cost planetarium and to buy it directly from the manufacturer - the "Adventure" company.

Inflatable portable planetariums from "Adventure" – are high quality inflatable structures that are intended to show the sky projections in small indoor or outdoor “rooms”. Depending on the tasks to be solving with equipment, a digital planetarium may have a different construction of its dome, built-in projection equipment, seats for visitors and other functional characteristics for each specific model of the dome.

Portable planetarium preferable from static immovable structures of similar purpose because mobile equipment is easy to transport to the installation place and it allows to make a quick assembly and disassembly before/after the show. Mobile inflatable planetariums with small size can be installed in indoor sports or school auditoriums for a visual and fascinating astronomy lesson become a cinema itself as an attraction for children and adults. More spacious planetarium, designed for a large number of visitors, will be appropriate to supplement attraction park where everyone can take a look to the starsky in the daytime and listen to a fascinating lecture about galaxy system.

Dome constructions

Design versions for portable planetarium domes. The number of layers and the shell material for inflatable dome. Lightreflective projection surface of the planetarium. Shapes and designs inflatable dome for planetarium mobile systems, air inputs. Technological features of the equipment supplied with the inflatable dome produced by our company. Blowers, remote controls speed rotators.

button_2_school.png School Planetariums

The most popular models of mobile planetariums (mini-planetariums), used mainly for training and demonstration of educational film in schools. The dome can be installed in 2 minutes, and when its folded it fits into a small convenient bag, easily carried by one person. In a typical sports hall or in any other place you can create not only the original cinema, but a real digital planetarium (a school planetarium).

Special models

Mobile (portable) planetarium with special designs. Technological features of domes, designed for using in open space, or for universal using. Rotary system exit/entrance and ways to fix portable planetarium to the ground. Non-standard, exclusive models of domes, original technical solutions. Possibility to manufacture an inflatable mobile dome/planetarium of any necessary structure, shape and size.