Planetarium’s equipment


We supplied every dome with air blower supplied which is made ??on the basis of standard-radial fan in a metal case, but is modifed and has improved design.

The new fan model is equipped with electric external rotor, automatic thermal protection and automatic control valve, which completely covers the outlet air fan when it is off. Metal fan housing has a protection net, a carrying handle and a convenient "stick locker" for a simple connection to the dome.

As additional, fan equipped with speed control regulator for electric motor which allows changing air speed.

The projection dome "planetarium" can be also additionally equipped with video projection screens (panoramic, 360 degrees). On the place you need just connect them with your own video projector and you'll get multimedia or video image across the circular surface of the dome (a sort of mini-movie theater).

To preserve the quality of the projection surface during installation in any room you can use the special canvas of the appropriate size.

Capacity of inflatable dome

How many visitors could fit in a mobile planetarium?

This question was often heard in our company. However, due to the fact that direct and unambiguous answer depends on many features - a correct number of visitors you can calculate yourself, identifying three main parameters:

Dome sizes

Chair (sofas) sizes

size of the area not occupied by visitors.

Lets come closer to all of this parameters

The size of the inflatable dome

To assess the capacity, of course, we need to know area of its base, which can easily be calculated by the well-known formula (S = PR ?). Here are some examples of our dome bases area:

with a diameter of 5.0 m - 19.6 m ?

with a diameter of 6.0 m - 28.0 m ?

with a diameter of 7.0 m - 38.5 m ?

(Note - the base area of domes with a diameter 5 and 7 meters, differs in two times).

Chair dimensions

Choosing a model of universal seat, despite its comfort, weight and folded size, pay attention to the possibility of a dense (each to each) arrangement. Once you have chosen a model, for calculating the domes capacity, do not forget to add the size of the extra space between seats, which is required for each visitor. For example, a independent calculation of the area around three-seat sofa which was created by our company - 155h117sm = 1.8m ?, so for 1 person - 0.6 m ?.

The area not occupied by spectators

This feature is the most individual. Every owver itself determines the sizes of passes and the workplace for lector, chair arrangement scheme and filling density of the dome.

An theoretical example of arrangement comfortable 3-seater inflatable sofas and single PPU chairs in a planetariums with diameter 5.0 and 6.0 m.

Foam folding chairs for planetarium

Specifications: length - 100cm., Width - 50cm., Height - 67 cm Dimensions folded - 50 x 50 x 60cm. Weight - 6 lbs.

New! Corrected shape and size of the chair elements, which allows increase the number of seats in a circular arrangement inside mobile planetarium: for the dome with diameter 5.0 m. - 26 pcs. For the dome with diameter 6.0 m. - 32 pcs. In addition, we reduced weight of the new chair - up to 4 kg.

Kresla_uzkie_.jpgoborudovanie-dla-planetariy_.jpgoborudovanie-for-planetariy_.jpg Оборудование планетария: складные поролоновые кресла

Inflatable sofas

Specifications: Width - 155 cm, capacity - 3 persons, inflation time - 2 min. size packaged - 36 x 30 x 14 cm, weight - 4.5 kg.

Projection equipment for digital planetariums and different ways of projecting

Because our company is specialized in the design and manufacture of inflatable structures mostly, on issues related to the projection image (projectors, lenses, mirrors, video and other equipment for planetarium or mini-movie theater), we recommend to connect with experts who professionally engaged in projection equipment – for more information see "Partners" section. However, we offer below some pre-Introduction to digital projection at 360 degrees -.

We begin by presenting a basic element of a mobile cinema - multimedia projector. Without stopping on advantages and disadvantages of different projecting technologies of image onto digital planetarium surface (mini-movie theater), we immediately focus on LCD and especially DLP - projectors, at our point of view - the most suitable for mobile planetariums. When choosing a device, first and foremost, you should pay attention to two characteristics: resolution and light effect. For example, in a dome with 5.0 m diameter power light projector must be at least 2500 ANSI, and a resolution - 1920 x 1080. For example, many of our customers choose the model Optoma 1080p.

In addition, "Kepler" company - a developer of content (movies) for mobile planetariums, in the instructions that came with its product, offers detailed guidance about necessary projection equipment with accurate and detailed description of all parameters and specifications, as well as recommendations of the process organization. To meet with the recommendations of the projection equipment ...

To form a circular image in a digital planetarium, a simple and inexpensive way is to use a hemisphere mirror, reflecting the light from a video projector on the inside surface of the dome. This method is suitable for small planetarium, a mini-cinema. Such mirror you can buy from our company.

The second technology is a special "fish eye" lens that performs a similar function.

The third way - it is usually used in large inflatable domes from 10m diameter – is simultaneous operation of 4 or more projectors, so-called "cross-linking" of the image.

The scheme of the panoramic projection with using a spherical mirror is the most popular. To its budget implement you can use our simple plastic mirror. Despite the internal reflective coating, a thin acrylic does not have a negative adverse effect on the quality of the reflected image. The mirror tilts from a simple plastic box, which protects it and makes it easy to carry. A small cost, availability and easiness of use, allow to "quick start" when you are working with a mobile planetarium.

Spherical mirror for a school planetarium (now with an external coating!)

Acrylic (unbreakable) mirror with an external coating. The thickness of the transparent plastic 1.5 mm. Comes in a plastic (polyethylene) box (size 600h400h250 mm). Working position of the mirror - vertical, in which it arises due to a spring hinge.

Convenient carrying handle. The total weight of up to 3 kg.

Attention! Anyone interested in equipment for projection in inflatable domes (planetariums) we recommend to get familiar with detailed technical review from Paul Burke - a panoramic projection systems developer, where he was answering for all major issues of the projectors, the spherical mirrors, etc. Text in English. Link to article: Technical Overview from Paul Burka