Inflatable sphere (multi-sphere, spherical projection tents)

Inflatable sphere (Multi-Sphere) - this is air-inflatable spherical shell for forward and backward projection, which, unlike Media-Ball, has a special vestibules for entry / exit. As a result, Multi-Sphere is not just a huge art-object, but an unusual and “quick-make” room for organization of film and theater operations, advertising and promotions. Multi-Sphere tents are universal and can be used not only for projection or advertising, but also for entertaining.

Ordinary tents are often difficult to build in certain areas under time pressure. Unlike ordinary tents construction, Multi-Sphere tents does not require complicated attachment to the ground.

Mobile "Multi-Sphere" tents: use cases

  • The spherical surface for the advertising projection;
  • Tents for the reception;
  • Mini-cinema;
  • Mobile tents for outdoor events.
  • Big tents: the advantages of an inflatable sphere

The multimedia projectors which are located within fill the entire dome with dynamic color image, creating an unforgettable, fantastic experience for guests inside the big ball, and, futuristic spectacle for the audience outside.

Multi-Sphere will be an excellent solution for an unforgettable show-concert, holding private movie screening or extraordinary exhibition. Compact or a huge inflatable sphere can be installed in any place, which allows to hold any event in the field or on the town square, on the beach or even on the roof. That’s why an inflatable sphere is ideal for corporate party or luxury concert program for a limited contingent of visitors. Moreover, outer dome will look bright and dynamic in any light.

Production of "Multi-Sphere" tents - the know-how of our company. Several technological innovations make our Multi-Sphere highlighted to a separate group of products. They are using a  “quick-made” foundation, which replaces the system stretch / attachment to the ground and a series of different gateway entrances for easy access inside the dome, and original simple system of installing a second internal projection dome.

надувная сфера: динамическая реклама, лазерное шоу

Mini-cinema in Multi-Sphere

For those who did not impress with expensive restaurants and nightclubs rutine, party in Multi-Spheres will be really unforgettable. But apart from an unusual cafe or disco, excellent use of room entourage can be conducting an exhibition or presentation of your product, reinforcing the impression by highlighting your company logo on the dome surface. Inflatable advertising of this kind is amazing! Panoramic dynamic multimedia image works well on both internal and external surfaces of the dome. Here exactly most daring visual ideas can be implemented.

Mini-theater, a planetarium, a circus, a concert hall and it all appears on the town square on the roof, "in an open field" or even in the water for just 2-3 hours!

Inside an inflatable sphere is mini-cinema conveniently located - on the inner walls of the dome color image projected, which can be seen inside by visitors. You comfortably accommodate visitors at any place, whether it's chairs, sofas or carpets - it all depends only on your imagination and ideas match the goals and nature of the event. Inside the theater can also be set tables to match the original movie with dinner.

Multi-cinema and mobile concert hall organised with an inflatable sphere will make any presentation memorable. The film, slide show or a concert will sparkle with new colors, immerse guests in the wonderful world of music or a movie, give lots of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. In addition, a mobile cinema can show images not only on the inner dome for guests inside, but on the outside surface- to all viewers. All unusual, original and vivid invariably attracts attention, so with Multi-Sphere you can also organize a large-scale advertising campaign, which will certainly be interesting to all who see it.

Multi-Sphere installation

The process of installing the "Multi-Sphere (step photography + video)

Standard construction equipment and the projection of the "Multi-Sphere" tent

надувная сфера надувная сфера

At the base of Multi-Sphere there are windows, the main front door with "door-spinner" and technical input from rolling doors.

надувная сфера: передвижной кинотеатр

Inside the tent any equipment can be set: tables, chairs, stage, special lighting, etc. In addition, inside the large ball you can put a car or other object for presentation.


Mobile theater or mini-cinema

надувная сфера для промо-мероприятий

Tent for a corporate event

надувная сфера: шатер для проведения праздника надувная сфера для проведения праздника

Promotional events, presentations, disco

мобильный планетарйи передвижной кинотеатр

Mobile planetarium

More attractive feature of design is its portability and compactness when folded. Come to the event and leave it with a large multi-scope on the back of your car! Such a small amount of multi-folded areas, for such a huge structure in working condition, due to its simple structure. The whole construction of Multi-Sphere is made up of strong tissue, gateways and blower. Expanding shell on the selected place, it is enough to connect and turn on a supercharger and a huge dome inflates automatically. No intermediate supports, the shell of a large ball rests only on the air. A slight pressure keeps a rigid, perfectly correct form, and even confidently resist punctures or cuts.

The installation process of Multi-Sphere

The basic model of the dome with 15 m. diameter and height equal to a fifth-floor building will appear on your urban area at any time of year just in a few hours, and its power consumption will be only 2-3 kW. Such original inflatable advertising can become the center of any project attracting attention of thousands of people in a large area. And for hundreds of lucky people inside you will be able to make a show around, Multi-Sphere will be remembered forever!

The first inflatable spherical tent (mobile theater) with 10 m a diameter. The "Multi-Sphere"

The first inflatable projection tent "Multi-Sphere" was presented at November 12, 2009. in St. Petersburg on "Art. Theatre. Museum - 2009"exhibition. This construction of inflatable tent had a spherical dome with a second removable opaque coating, which makes it possible to use a dome as mobile tent for the show, or a mobile theater, or a mini-theater, or mobile digital planetarium.

The main front entrance inflatable structures "Multi-Sphere" was made as a "swing-door" in a first time. That gave the opportunity for people to pass inside without restrictions. Currently, this construction of a main entrance mostly used in our products.

передвижной кинотеатр Мульти-Сфера передвижной кинотеатр Мульти-Сфера

мини кинотеатр, надувная сфера мини-кинотеатр

Inflatable spherical tent "Multi-sphere", with 10 m diameter. The presentation at the exhibition. More ...

Years of experience in manufacturing various large inflatable structures (roof installations, inflatable tents, etc.), gave us a possibility to confidently produce projection balls and inflatable domes of various diameters, heights and shapes. In our arsenal of accessories we have a different equipment and a variety of gateway systems, from comfortable "swing-doors" to the basic emergency exits with battery illumination. Particular attention was given to the supply system and maintenance of air pressure. The complex of air-injection equipment, except the main blower, may include automatical system with pressure sensors. Smooth operation is guaranteed by  fully automatic backup set of equipment with an independent diesel generator and fan.

Also our company produces other tent models: canopies and Mega-Tents.