Constructions of domes

Inflatable dome

Designing and manufacturing of inflatable domes is our main direction!

We offer several basic models of the domes for portable planetarium or mini-cinemas and also can make inflatable dome by special order (any desired size, design and form).

Manufacture and sale of inflatable domes

Unlike the majority of suppliers of the equipment for portable planetariums, which, as a rule, offer a complete set of equipment and focus mainly on the training programs and creation of films, or sales of projection equipment, our company is an experienced creator and manufacturer of inflatable construction.

We have more than 14 years of manufacturing experience of wide range of inflatable structures, including inflatable tents, projection domes, mini-cinemas, balls and spherical tents "Multi-Sphere" for laser and multimedia projection.

That is why, having a long experience and established technology, we were able to develop a comfortable, high-quality and low-cost product: inflatable dome for mobile inflatable planetarium.

Material of the dome shell

Basically, for portable mobile planetariums we use a three-layer solid nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating weights up to 300 g/m2.

However, the fabric can vary in color, density, texture and properties of coatings.

We choose the fabric in accordance with required parameters and operating conditions of the dome.

The number of inflatable dome shell layers

We produce: one- and double-layer shells. The dome with two-layer shell can be made from a fabric with full-color sealing.

Reflective properties of internal surface of the planetarium

Depending on the content and your projection equipment, you can select an inflatable dome with the following types of internal surfaces: light-gray or white.

Detached type of projection surface of the mobile planetarium should be considered inflatable dome for the double-sided projection. This is case when not only the audience inside the inflatable dome watch panoramic multimedia image around himself, but the whole audience outside the dome - on the square, watching this show. Of course, this scheme works only at dark time (for more details about these constructions, see the section "Multi-Sphere").

Forms of inflatable domes

As a rule, inflatable dome has the form of a hemisphere. But we can offer you a lot of original options - from small changes of curvature of the surface of the inflatable dome: parabolic, 1/3 sphere, two-thirds or dome with cylindrical vertical base to completely non-standard, original forms.

Options for mini planetarium entrance

Construction of entrance to an inflatable dome may to be different. Besides the simple option "zipper", for portable inflatable planetarium we have developed the scheme: "air doors" - more respectable and convenient for operation.

Inflatable dome with the fastening "zipper"

Usually the height of zipper is about 2,0 m. with two-way lock, for easy opening both from inside and outside.

Mini planetarium with inflatable tambour (gateway)

Inflatable vestibule is a lock system, consisting of one, two or three floor levels of air. After the first air shutters, inside the reel can be located the second similar leaf, and then, on the inner shell - canopy with the fastening "zipper", which closes but does not distort the spherical projection surface.

Model "Mini planetarium" - is designed for indoor use. Operation of the inflatable dome on the open-air needs his attachment to the land and the emergency exits.

Ventilation systems

Inside the inflatable dome there is a constant exchange of air, and the construction of the inflatable planetarium dome allows diverts the air flow aside from the audience for comfortable conditions inside the inflatable dome.

For air exchange in the dome, we equip a simple and convenient system with a possibility to regulate the intensity of the air stream from the dome. The system is very easy to use, and the construction of venting prevents penetration of light through the hole in the dome of the bell.

In addition, the speed and capacity of the supply air is regulated with the help of special speed regulator, which we equip the blower.

It may be it would be interesting for you the other kinds of our products: big tents, inflatable constructions and figures - this is what we know and love to do.