Inflatable tents, mobile planetariums or other structures created by Adventure Ltd.

We specialize in design and manufacture inflatable air constructions. Our first major order was placed in 1994 - since that time we became one of the main creators of different types and kinds of Inflatable figures and supplies. One of the most successful and popular technology we work with is special pneumo-constructions. They are empty shells from special material which are filled with air. One of the main advantages of them is no size restrictions so we can produce inflatable constructions higher that 3-5 floor building. This feature is very important because it can guarantee high level of reliability of our production. Inside all pneumo-constructions is the blower which can support necessary pressure even if the shell is broken or cut. Many benefits of this technology already gave us a possibility to receive a lot of contracts for producing inflatable figures for advertising, celebrations, sports events etc. A lot of photo and description you can find at

The website you are browsing right now is devoted to one of the most important for our business directions - Inflatable Constructions.

The idea of creating inflatable dome was first implemented by our company relatively recently - in 2007. This happened immediately after making two simple inflatable spheres D = 10,0 m

производство шатров производство пневмоконструкций

The peculiarity of work was that fact that due to Customer task in these areas should be multimedia projection "for light". The project was successfully implemented, and these two constructions are still working, but after first results of theirs operation in conjunction with the client we had few additional ideas and suggestions. First, it was the consolidation of the design issues for fixing constructions to the ground and the organization of exits/entrances. Solving those problems led us to that scheme, which is now the base for the manufacturing our domes types.

Clever design approach to each product, a individual selection of materials and components - are a feature and advantage of our production based on non-standard design and ideas.

Own technological and design solutions we find for each task of our customers, allows us to receive simple and reliable constructions in any discussed shape and size.