Hypersize projection screens (cinema screens)

High-tech projection screens by Adventure - is a modern projection equipment that meets the highest international requirements for quality of the transmitted image. All large cinema screens meet the requirements of safe operation and have long nonrepairing period.

Buying projection screen manufactured by our company at the best price and universal or specialized projection equipment from our partners, you can transmit the high-quality dynamic image at any time of day and night to a large audience or to use such an original media source for placing an attractive and effective advertising.

Working with design and preparing open-airs for many years we can see how much depends on the quality of equipment on which event is built. Of course, after the focusing on performers, stage, sound and light, but in recent years, in addition, organizers are increasingly concerned on  visualization, in short screens for video broadcast. Especially large projects, with the number of visitors approaching a thousand people urgently need to transmit what is happening on stage – making it visible to all viewers without binoculars.

The advantages of projection screens

Installation of large screens is an important task because of its possibility to remove a bad impression from the back of audience, and prevent everyone else (except the first row) from “climb up on the neck of a friend” to see everything well. Obviously, the best solution for this is an inflatable projector screen. Its advantages over any other technology are undeniable:

little while mounting / dismounting – just up to 1 hour.

mobility, compact when folded (bag), the screen is inflated automatically without any additional machinery or equipment.

Reliability: its not afraid of punctures and cuts - the blower produces not only the initial filling of the shell, but also to maintain the pressure in it during the entire operation.

small electric. consumption - up to 0.5 kW.

the lowest price from all large area displays.

In addition, the inflatable projection screens produced by our company have additional options:

can be mounted on any surface, even without fixing to the ground.

easy to replace and adjust the tension on-screen paintings by quick-plastic elements.

opportunity to work with both direct and inverse projection.

ability to quickly install light-tight "back" to prevent the illumination of the "wrong side" on the screen with a direct (frontal) projection.

Types of projection screens

The shape and design of screens, might be produced both classical strictly rectangular (under the most common format of image (1 * 1.85)) and original, relevant style specific event forms. For example, we offer three types of an inflatable projection screens:

Large cinema screens

Cinema screens can be used for educational or commercial purposes. We recommend you to buy the movie screen for the big event-projects and other public events

I. Standard projection movie screen - (9.36 * 7.5 m). Canvas of the screen was made for forward and backward projections, a 7 x 4m, color - white matte, material - nylon. Blowers - 1 pc. (220, 0.5 kW). Projector: media, laser. On the two pictures on the right - inflatable screen with installed on its back sun shield.

Installation time - 30 minutes. Packed size 110 x 60 x 60 cm Weight - 40 kg.

Проекционные экраны надувные Проекционное оборудование Эдвенче

Projection screen with legs. Overall size 14.0 x 10.1 x 5.0 m.

II. Projection screen - round arch (17 * 12 m). Screen canvas 14 * 10m

color - white, Material - Nylon net. Blowers - 1 pc. (220, 1.5 kW). Projector: Full-color laser. Installation time - 40 minutes.

Packed size 120 x 80 x 80cm. Weight 50 kg.

Проекционные экраны, надувное проекционное оборудование Эдвенче Проекционный экран в виде арки

III. Projection Media-ball (diameter 10m). Screen canvas was made for panoramic projection (360 degrees), the material - nylon, color - white. Display area 200 sq.m. Projector: multimedia, full-color laser.

Installation time: 40 min. Packed size 120 x 80 x 80 cm Weight 60 kg.

Проекционный Медиа-шар Проекционный Медиа-шар