Projection screens: Media-Balls

Spherical projection screens (Media-balls) – are normally inflatable spherical shells on which image is projected from media or the laser projector.

Spherical projection screens: the benefits

Principal features of construction - no need to use any extensions for fixing to the ground and balls has special fabric for the forward and backward projections.

Media-Balls for multimedia projection might have minimum size - D = 5-6m - is limited to length of the available projections (by placing them inside) and the maximum size - D = 20,0 m - is limited to wind loads.

The using of other light devices installed inside the sphere expands the size of Media Ball (from 2 to 25 meters)

Projection advertising on media-ball allows to achieve huge coverage at low price. Large art object with a bright dynamic image outside the shell has significant operational advantages: compact when folded + short time of mounting / dismounting. Projection advertising on media-ball is also dynamic. Unlike the static placement on billboards or other media, the image projecting onto sphere, can often change. Bright video presentation: the projection with speedy changing of images.

Media-ball with diameter up to 10 m can be brought to the event with a car and installed by two people for 30 minutes.

In addition to a large bag with a shell and a fan on the place you will need to deliver only wights to fix a media-ball on the floor.

An original solution is to place such extraordinary projection screens on the water surface.    

проекционные экраны проекционная реклама, использование медиа-шаров динамическая реклама проекционная реклама: медиа шары презентация проецирование на медиа-шары

Inflatable construction "Media-ball." 10.0 m diameter

Video Media Ball (laser show)

The design made for the company "Lazerkinetiks"

Variants of placing lights inside "Media Ball"

проекционная реклама: оборудованиеThe device "Colorado"

Indoor inflatable construction "Colorado" - is proven solution for making translucent shell. Color of light can be changed either automatically or manually from the keypad.

проекционная реклама: оборудование Multimedia Projectors

To create a spherical (360 °) multimedia images on the entire inner or outer surface of the large domes, you must use 4 or more projectors. This way allows you to create the most high-quality image.

проекционная реклама: оборудование Laser projection

Laser devices, as opposed to multimedia projectors, provide a more bright light effect and can "work" even in the daytime.

проекционная реклама: оборудование Multimedia projector with a dome mirror

It is simple technical solution to create a panoramic, multi-media image around the dome (area) at 360 °, using a single projector.

It is advisable to use in domes up to 7.0 m.

проекционная реклама: оборудование Gas lamps

Usually installed in a sphere with a diameter up to 5.0 m. A good solution for simple internal lighting, including hanging inflatable constructions.

Projection advertising with Media-Balls

In the current conditions of competition of all types of comprehensive products and services we offer to companies a way to use all possible ways of advertising to bring information about their products to the huge number of people. The specialists say that the greatest attention of the target audience is attracted with not-standard type of static ads and original approach to informing potential customers. This original and brilliant media support media can be a ball - the commercials presentation and projection on the surface will attract attention and will not stay unattented.


Modern projection advertising has many advantages over conventional advertising on posters and banners.

Firstly, dynamic advertising has wide range of color choices, making it bright and visible against static media carriers.

Secondly, projection screens offer great possibilities for imagination for advertising designers who can create excellent commercials or presentation slides.

Thirdly, the projection screens are visible from afar and even at night tell everyone about products or services of advertised organizations.

Using projection screens (Media-Balls) always good solution - it is a modern media support, which is not yet sufficiently mastered the Russian advertising companies. Therefore, consideration of such a bright and unusual advertising will be provided. Thus, the light projection screens allow advertisers to get ahead of the competition by attracting large numbers of potential customers by this new and effective method.

You can set projection balloon at any surface in a short time and launch a new advertising program asap to highlight the advertised company.