Mobile planetariums: FAQ

In many letters, which come to us with applications for the planetariuma, we got often the same type of questions. So we decided to supplement or duplicate information at the main sections of the site information with a new "question-answer" form

  1. Which dome model is better - single-layer or double layer? Each model has its advantages.
    Simple single-layered dome with silver or white interior surface - a very lightweight and compact when folded, but they require a partial lightisolated room (turn off the lights, curtains cover).
    Single-layer dome NEW - have light gray lightprotected surface, made ??from high-strength fabrics, designed specifically for inflatable planetarium, and give full lightisolation even from direct sunlight.
    Double-layer dome – total opacity, you can make a color image on the external surface.
    All the models of our production - work well in many regions of Russia and beyond, but most popular is the basic model NEW.
  2. Where to buy a projector, what kind and how much does it cost? Our company, specializing in the design and manufacture of inflatable structures, however, offers all equipment needed for the planetarium, which can be produced in our fabric (mirror, Blowers, chair).
    Besides the above, the basic and essential equipment needed to operate a mobile planetarium is projector. Not wanting to act as an intermediary, we will inform you in detail about technical requirements to the projection equipment and advise you to purchase it directly, independently from electronics stores or online stores.
    For example, we present a good option that has the projector Optoma EP1080, which in 2010 worths about 100 000 rubles.
  3. You have a table indicates that in a 5-meter dome fit 25-30 people. Would not be too closely? Dome capacity - not a simple question, it depends on many factors. These parameters (25-30 people, for a diameter of 5.0 m) are international standards for school planetariums. However, please note that this figure the maximum capacity of students.
    Of course, much depends on the so-called scheme of arrangement used by the seats, aisles and the desired level of comfort. Safe to say that with minimum comfort, class of schoolchildren under the dome of diameter 5.0 m is placed.
  4. I want to buy your dome, but I'm from other city. How much will it cost and how long the delivery takes? We make almost daily shipments of our products in different cities. Typically, for delivery involved companies able to transport cargo "from door to door" or "door to the terminal." Price and delivery time depends on the distance and load.
    For your convenience, our website in the nearest future we will publish the information with examples of the cost of such delivery in different cities.
  5. Who is the manufacturer of the proposed dome? All the planetarium, which we offer as all products are presented on 2 of our sites - and - made ??in our own factory in St. Petersburg.
  6. Can I order a custom model of the dome as individual project? Yes, as developers, we regularly carry out such orders, preparing construction, with as small improvements and radical innovations. Moreover, they can apply, as the size, shape and material and design.
  7. Which model of the dome is the most popular for use in schools? Statistics clearly shows the advantage of orders in a single-layered canopy NEW, with a diameter of 5.0 m. It is easy to explain the fact that for the first time this model was specifically designed with new fabric complete light isolation and light gray projection surface.
  8. Can a basic model of school work outside the planetarium? Operation of the domes on the street is possible, and we make such models, but they differ from the basic model of "school" planetarium The main difference between models for the street is that they have the attachment to the land and additional inputs. The fact is that in contrast to the premises, outside the dome is applied additional load Sailing (wind). If you put a simple dome (base model), designed to be placed outdoors in calm weather, it is likely, will work great, but we do not recommend such a risk, the wind can suddenly descend and it just "blow away".
  9. Which model can be applied to images of domes? Any two-layer model planetarium our production can have any, graphic or full color on the outer surface.
  10. How do I order if I am from another city (country)? We always carry out such orders. Payment can be made by wire transfer or bank transfer, and delivery by the shipping company. But if you find an opportunity to come in come personally for the acceptance of the finished product, you can view and verify the planetarium, and then pay and take it away.
  11. I would like to understand what are the advantages of your dome? Faithful believe that a lot of them, because we try not to stand and still constantly working to improve our products. Currently, the materials out of which our domes have distinct characteristics according to parameters such as light isolation, color projection surface, weight of the shell.
    We collect the dome from large number of shares that can be caused by a form as close to a perfect hemisphere. Also important for practical and, most importantly for the quality received by the projection surface as the type used in our assembly joints. In addition, the design that we developed has a number of technological features (design of the vent hole, the entrance, tube fans, etc.). All these features are important and provide a convenient and comfortable operation of mobile planetarium to the user. Blowers, we supply with a dome, also have their special features important to the successful operation (internal check valve, remote speed control, long cord, easy and reliable way to accession to the dome - fastener "Velcro")
    We are an experienced creator and manufacturer of various inflatable structures, successfully doing this for over 15 years, and so are well aware of the way, and most importantly, have the ability to continuously improve our products. All our products has warranty!
  12. Can the outdoor dome work at a temperature of -30 ° / +30 ° C? Yes. Outdoor models are designed for such work, however, for the comfort of people fed into the air can be heated or cooled. This may be used in different types of heaters or air conditioners that can "prepare" the necessary amount of air corresponding to the size of the dome.
  13. . What would happen if the inflatable planetarium dome be pierced? Please do not worry. Even if the bully five times pierce the shell of the dome - nothing happens, the planetarium did not deflate, since the air blower will automatically maintain the required internal pressure.
  14. I am very concerned for the safety of your mobile planetarium, because I'll be working with children. Your concern is understandable, but the dome construction  was carefully designed and perfectly safe! Consider some of the theoretically possible emergency situations:
    Fan stopped working. This can happen for example due to an unauthorized interruption of the electricity suppluer. In this case, the fan will automatically close a check valve and air through it will not come out. This will allow time to recover electrical power to continue or allow an orderly to remove children from the planetarium.
    Caught fire inside of the dome. Of course, in this case as quickly as possible to evacuate all from the dome. This does not necessarily prepare the entrance, simply pick up any edge of the dome as the dome has no bottom, so everything could go right away.
  15. If you order your dome and coordinating delivery to a different region, I get a "pig in a poke"? Can I be sure that everything is properly sewn, without marriage? For all of the production of domes, we do not have a single case of return of the product on the complaint. Although all the products we issue a guarantee, on which are ready for free to remove any imperfections. This is not the fact that we are not mistaken and that the fabric (although it is a European manufacturer) has no marriage. Unfortunately, this happens, but 100% control at all stages of production and mandatory testing (inflation) with photographing any and all products, identify these cases, not allowing such products to the customer
  16. Why your inner dome projection surface has a light gray color, as is usually white screen for a projector? You're absolutely right. We are all accustomed to the traditional white film and multimedia screens. And we also make a dome with a white matte surface for projecting movies and multimedia materials. However, a planetarium, with its main objective demonstration of the sky, the white surface is not very good. The fact that the projected star is well reflected from the surface of white light and all the rest of the space, and if it's white, it is not possible to achieve a deep black in color between them. The light gray color - this is the compromise that allows you to optimize the situation.
  17. How much electricity is required for the planetarium dome? El. consumption of the dome is only 0.3 kW - this fan power, in addition you will need power to the projector.

    If you have not found an answer to your question, you can send it to us at the e-mail address: and we will get back to you.